Dad Surprises Daughter in Homemade Iron Man Costume After Kindergarten Classmates Tease Her

Dad Surprises Daughter in Homemade Iron Man Costume After Kindergarten Classmates Tease Her
Bryan Ke
February 19, 2019
A 34-year-old father is winning the hearts of many netizens after a video surfaced on Chinese social media where he visited his daughter while donning an Iron Man costume.
Bao Guojian, who has been called the “coolest dad in China,” decided to pay his daughter’s kindergarten a visit in Hangzhou, Zhejiang after her classmates called her a liar when she told them that her dad was a superhero.
Three years ago, I told my classmates my daddy is Iron Man and they all laughed at me and said I was lying,” Lele, now 10 years old, told Qianjiang Evening News as translated by Daily Mail.
In order to cheer his daughter up, Bao showed up at Lele’s school dressed up in red and gold Iron Man Mark 17 armor that Tony Stark used in “Iron Man 3.”
It took Bao, an avid Marvel fan, two years to complete the Iron Man Mark 17 costume. He reportedly used more than 300 silicon parts for the armor and it cost him about 30,000 yuan ($4,428).
After that, all my friends believed me that my dad is Iron Man,” Lele proudly told the publication.
The children were so ecstatic to see Bao in his Iron Man costume that the headmaster halted classes for the day so that they could spend time with the superhero and take pictures with him.
Bao has been building several Marvel superhero costumes since 2013, and the Iron Man costume is just one of his many outfits. He also has costumes for The Vulture, Captain America and Spider-Man.
Many comments on Weibo praised Bao for his heartwarming gesture:
“This is the coolest dad ever!”
“I wish I could be a parent like him – so talented and committed to his family.”
“This is so touching, it made me cry! This father is truly a super-hero.”
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