After 57 years, Marvel Comics’ Iron Fist has an Asian alter ego thanks to writer Alyssa Wong

After 57 years, Marvel Comics’ Iron Fist has an Asian alter ego thanks to writer Alyssa Wong
Ryan General
November 16, 2021
Iron Fist, a Marvel Comics hero inspired by Hollywood martial arts films from the ‘70s, will finally feature a character of Asian descent as the titular hero in an upcoming comic series.  
Flaming fist bump: Award-winning writer Alyssa Wong is building upon the Iron Fist mythos by introducing a new hero to “take up the mantle and powers of Iron Fist” in a five-issue limited series in 2022, a Marvel press release revealed. 
  • The series, which the publisher billed as “a revolutionary transformation of one of Marvel’s most fascinating mystical mythologies,” will be illustrated by artist Michael YG, colored by Jay Ramos and is based on designs by Jim Cheung.  
  • An image of the cover art by Cheung shows an imposing figure in a heroic pose while donning an updated Iron Fist costume. 
  • Iron Fist No. 1, which launches on Feb. 16, 2022, will feature the origins of the new hero replacing predecessor Danny Rand, who gave up his power in this year’s series “Iron Fist: Heart Of The Dragon.”
A long time coming: In an interview with IGN Southeast Asia, Wong shared her excitement for the upcoming series, noting how an Asian Iron First is something a lot of people “have wanted to see for a long time.”  
  • “It feels special to be entrusted with that opportunity,” she added. “We have seen Iron Fists of Asian descent before, like Wu Ao-Shi and Pei, but as supporting characters in Danny Rand’s story (and in the case of past Immortal Iron Fists, all long dead). Having a new Iron Fist take the lead represents a new chapter for the Iron Fist legacy–not erasing decades of comics history, but building on it.”
  • Wong’s take on the character includes a unique origin story, a different source of powers and a “more athletic approach” to his fighting style.
  • “Something we don’t always see in male super heroes [sic] is emphasis on agility over sheer power, so I wanted to give him a more acrobatic style, the kind you might associate with a cat burglar,” Wong revealed. “As for his powers… they’re strange. They’re tied into his origin story, with an intense Iron Fist twist. You’ll have to read it to find out more!”
Created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane in 1974, the original “Iron Fist” featured Danny Rand, a white practitioner of martial arts and wielder of a mystical superpower. The comic was called out for cultural appropriation soon after its launch, as NextShark previously reported.
Featured Image via Marvel
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