Indonesian Popstar Bitten by Cobra During Show Continues Like Nothing Happened, Dies Soon After

Some artists will go to extreme lengths for their passions and dedication to their craft. 

Indonesian pop artist Irma Bule, 29, died this past Sunday after being bitten by a king cobra during a live on stage performance.

Bule, a young and famous pop singer in Indonesia, is known in Dangdut circles, a genre of Indonesian folk music. The pop star was doing a concert at a village in Karawang, West Java, in Indonesia in front of a crowd when she was bitten by the snake she was performing with. Audience member Ferlando Octavion gave local website Merdeka an eyewitness account of how the event unfolded. He said:

“The accident happened in the middle of the second song when Irma stepped on the snake’s tail.”

The cobra then rose to strike and dug its fangs into her thigh. The snake handler present attempted to give her an antidote, but the singer refused and continued her performance. Some suggest that the singer thought the cobra had been defanged.

The act of using snakes for live performances is popular in the region and Bule has been known to use them during her acts. Her performances often include daring acts involving venomous snakes such as cobras, pythons and boa constrictors, according to Reptiles Magazine.

She began vomiting and having seizures 45 minutes after the attack before being rushed to the hospital where she died. The tragic incident is currently being investigated by Indonesian police.


h/t: Telegraph
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