Apple’s Latest Chinese New Year Ad Will Make You Want to Call Mom

Apple’s Latest Chinese New Year Ad Will Make You Want to Call Mom
Ryan General
February 12, 2018
Apple has a new ad for the Chinese New Year as it approaches on Friday, Feb. 16.
However, instead of producing something festive and uplifting, the Cupertino tech giant applied a more emotional approach.
iphone x chinese new year ad titled "three minutes" shows mother-child bond
Shot entirely on an iPhone X by director Peter Chan, Apple’s commercial titled “Three Minutes” tells the true story of a female train conductor on the Nanning to Harbin route, one of China’s longest train routes.
As each trip lasts for six days, she gets less time to see her young son Ding, especially during peak seasons such as the Chinese New Year holiday.
Her sister looks after him, and she’s concerned whether he behaves. Ding, for his part, has been doing well and even studying extensively to impress his mom.
This New Year, her sister brought Ding to the Kaili station in Guizhou so he can catch his mom for the three minutes that the train stops there.
In the clip, the two are shown frantically searching for each other on a crowded platform, just so they can spend a few moments together.
The fleeting emotional moment, which shows the mom and son pulling away on a supposedly festive day, highlights how precious time is.
The heart-tugging, powerful ad has been quite popular in China where it had already been viewed over 68 million times last week, according to Adweek.
With this new emotional approach, it appears that Apple is trying to win Chinese customers which have been switching to locally made brands in recent years.
Feature Image via YouTube / Apple Singapore
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