Interracial Couples Reveal What It’s Like Dating in China

Interracial Couples Reveal What It’s Like Dating in ChinaInterracial Couples Reveal What It’s Like Dating in China
Cross-cultural relationships are becoming more and more common in China, but couples may face certain challenges that they may find rather unique or difficult.
Facebook page Ychina asked several cross-cultural couple some questions about the things they usually encounter while dating, including how their parents reacted to their relationship.
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My father opposed us at first because he is a rather conventional Northern Chinese. My mother is more open-minded. She said it’s fine as long as I like her, one Asian man with a Caucasian girlfriend said.
She especially chose a hot-pot restaurant. She wanted to take her family to enjoy some different cuisine. But there were no knives or forks. So my father patiently taught them (about chopsticks). When the hot-pot was boiling her little sister had a bowl of the soup. I really had to stop her from drinking up the soup, he continued.
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My parents worry about me a lot because one of them is Chinese, the other is Black. There are many challenges in their marriage. So they are concerned that the differences might influence our love, a female participant, who is dating an Asian man, said.
People, of course, would want to know how couples in a cross-cultural relationship handle arguments. Some of the participants in the interview divulged some of the quarrels they’ve had with their partners in the past.
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It is rather unfair that we always argue in Chinese. So whenever we start an argument seems like I express myself like a 5-year-old would, a Caucasian man, who is dating a Chinese woman, said in Chinese.
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When we argue in Chinese I always feel a little sorry for her, another participant said.
The stories and testimonies from the couples sure are heartwarming, and as one of the couples in the interview said: Love goes beyond nations.
This rings true to one Chinese man who went back to Jieshou, Anhui Province last year to marry his Ukrainian wife and had a traditional wedding.
Chinese business man Mei Aisi also made headlines after setting up wealthy Chinese men with European women through a dating service that he founded.
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