Internet Mourns the Loss Of Chinese Celebrity Cat Lou Lou

Lou Lou, a famous celebrity cat on Weibo who had amassed more than 690,000 followers, reportedly passed away over the weekend.

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According to China Daily, Lou Lou died on October 14 due to a heart attack, leaving many fans in despair.

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The Chinese celebrity cat rose to fame last year after its short video recording went viral, which received millions of views. Lou Lou was also featured in many emojis because of its expressions.

(Translation via China Daily: My nerves are stretched to the breaking point.)

You may not know the cat’s name, but you must have seen its emojis,” Lou Banniang, the cat’s owner, said.

I cannot accept the fact that Lou Lou has gone forever, and my favorite emojis cannot update any more,” a Weibo user and a fan of Lou Lou said.

One of the necessities in my life is watching each and every move of Lou Lou. It looks like an angel to me, and it has now gone back to paradise,” another user wrote on its condolences.

(Translation: Mom, I am so hungry!!)

Lou Lou’s face was also used on key chains, pillows, mugs, and other merchandise.

Image via Weibo
Image via Weibo

Rest in peace, Lou Lou. You will be missed.

Image via Weibo

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