Intense Video Shows Chinese Army Commander Saving Cadet After Dropping Live Grenade

Zhang Yu, Chinese military cadet, was miraculously saved by his army commander seconds after he accidentally dropped a live grenade during one of their training sessions.

Video of the heart-stopping moment, which was taken in early December 2016, was recently shared online by China Xinhua News.

According to People’s Liberation Army Daily, Zhang was on his grenade throwing practice when the mishap happened at the Air Force Cadet School located in Xi’an, central China’s Shaanxi Province. The grenade’s pin was reportedly already pulled out and the man was supposed to throw the explosive at a rampart.

However, the grenade slipped out of his hand and landed near his feet without him noticing, according to the Daily Mail. Luckily, his trainer was in the area at the time.

He quickly dragged Zhang away from harm’s way into a trench just seconds before the grenade detonated. It exploded about 1 meter (3.3 feet) from where the two soldiers were standing.

A loud bang can be heard in the video when the grenade went off. Fortunately, both of them were not injured by the traumatic incident.

Featured Image via Twitter / China Xinhua News

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