People Are Putting Green Tea Soup in Their Instant Ramen and the Results Are Surprising

People are using green tea as a replacement for water when trying to make instant ramen or noodles, and they seem to love the results.

SoraNews24 experimented with the green tea instant noodle combination. One can either make the tea from tea leaves or put a tea bag in hot water, but pre-made green tea from a local convenience store also works as long as it is boiled first.

While the finished product looks very different from the usual ramen, the green tea significantly improves the taste of the dish.

Food Beast did a similar experiment but used a Lipton Green Tea.

The green tea adds another layer of flavor,” Food Beast fitness guru and video producer, Ricky Zollinger, said. “It compliments the seasoning, giving the cup depth and creating a silkier broth.”

However, the idea of putting green tea into noodle meals is nothing new.

Last week, Twitter user @ore825 shared a simple recipe on how to make soba more interesting by adding hojicha (green tea), two tablespoons of white bonito fish stock, and a pinch of salt.

The recipe will produce 300 milliliters (10.1 ounces) of noodle broth, according to SoraNews24.

In 2017, Nissin also released a matcha green tea flavor in their popular line of cup noodles. There is no need to boil tea bags, leaves or bottled green tea; just add some hot water.

Featured Image via Flickr / Christian Kadluba (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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