Here’s What Your Push Notifications Would Look Like if You had 8 Million Instagram Followers

When you post epic content on 8 million followers, this is how your pushnotification will look like.. ☕

Posted by Demy de Zeeuw on Sunday, January 10, 2016

It’s probably safe to say that Instagrammers with millions of followers turn their notifications off, especially after having watched the above video.
The video was posted by 32-year-old Dutch footballer Demy De Zeeuw and shows what the push notifications list of his soccer-oriented Instagram account 433, which has over 8 million followers, looks like when turned on.
The list seems practically endless as he scrolls through in the 38-second video posted to his Facebook page.
Of course, if that’s what 8 million followers look like, imagine Taylor Swift’s notifications list — she is the No. 1 most-followed user on Instagram with over 62.6 million followers.
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