Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian Releases Big-Boobed Zombie Shooting Game

Instagram playboy and millionaire gambler Dan Bilzerian is celebrating 4/20 this year by releasing his very first app, and unsurprisingly it involves:

… Guns

… Big-breasted Zombies

… And His Goat and Cat.

“Save Dan”, which is now available for free on iTunes and Google Play, is a shooter game centered around Bilzerian’s favorite past-time — going to the desert to shoot big guns — only the government has turned his always-hot female companions into zombies.

According to the game description:

“Roll with Dan and watch his back as hot & deadly zombie chicks try to seduce Dan into death, or worse…

“Your job is to gun down these horny invaders and make sure Dan does his thing: activate signal beacons to turn the undead into plain dead. Can you imagine anything more heroic than gambling, especially with your life?”

Classic Dan Bilzerian…

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