Incredible Instagram Account Shames the Very People Who Shouldn’t Be Flying on Airplanes

Everyone knows that one annoying passenger on their flight who is going to completely ruin everything.

What’s worse is that you’re stuck in a sealed aluminum tube going 550 miles per hour over the Atlantic for the next 12 hours with no means of escape. As flyers, many of us experience this more times in our lives than is necessary.

That’s why Shawn Kathleen, the creator of the PassengerShaming Instagram account, hopes that by publicly humiliating these people they will quit doing whatever it is they’re doing that is making everyone else miserable.

The Instagram so far has 368 posts showing terrible passengers and nearly 360,000 followers. PassengerShaming was also ranked as number 20 in Rolling Stone Magazine’s “100 Best Instagram Accounts.”

Hey You! 

Ugh… stinky feet.  

But… but.. The toilet is literally right there. 

An animal sat here. 

That poor human in the window seat though… Who’s taking this photo anyway?

Rolls on a plane.

When you were excited for the extra legroom, but realized that space was occupied by a human. 

First Trash. 

Does this look infected to you?

Laptops and live babies in separate bins please.

Yeah dude, we’d look away too. 


UH-OH… Sh*ts about to drop.

How? What? Why??

Anyone have scissors? She’s asking for a trim.

This actually looks quite comfortable.

Always remember kids: Crack is whack.

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