TikTok Posts on How to ‘Hack’ Instagram and Snapchat Go Viral

TikTok Posts on How to ‘Hack’ Instagram and Snapchat Go Viral
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
January 28, 2021
A Filipina TikTok user‘s tips on manipulating the algorithms of Instagram and other social media apps have recently gone viral.
Margaux Cody created a series on TikTok that shares clever social media hacks and “skills,” from reading direct messages without sending read receipts to appearing on another user’s Instagram explore page.
The “Retired Psycho Tips” series currently includes 13 videos. The most popular one, which has received 4 million views since it was first posted on Jan. 12, features a tip about accessing someone’s Snapchat account without a password.
“This is actually how I found out that my ex was talking inappropriately to other girls on Snapchat,” Margaux, a self-confessed “Retired Psycho,” explains.
In the series’ most recent videos, Margaux made sure to include a long disclaimer for all of her viewers: “I am a RETIRED ‘psycho’, but these are some tips I picked up on my journey to recovery. I do not promote changing yourself, chasing anyone, or hacking for any of these videos. These are solely for informative and creative purposes. Any actions taken from this video are your own responsibility. Proceed with caution. For legal reasons, this video is a joke.”
Some of Margaux’s tips have shown her 230,000+ TikTok followers how to dig for information on their potentially unfaithful partners. These videos include “Want an Easy Way to See If He’s Talking to Someone Else?” and “Want To Check To See If He’s Using a Dating App?”.
“I have two words for you: recent emojis. I have personally used this in the past as a first step to confirm or deny any of my suspicions as well as before conducting a full investigation,” Margaux says.
Her other hacks, however, can be used by people who want to capture the attention of a crush or love interest. These videos include “Want to learn new ways to get him to reply to your stories?” and “How to Boost Your Snap Story to the Top of His Feed.”
“Sometimes thirst trap photos and adorable selfies don’t do the trick to get them to reply to your stories. But you know what does? Research.”
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