Instagram Couple Draws Backlash After Dangling Out of a Moving Train in Sri Lanka

Instagram Couple Draws Backlash After Dangling Out of a Moving Train in Sri Lanka
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
May 6, 2019
Netizens slammed a couple from Brussels who dangled out of a moving train in Sri Lanka to capture what they described as one of their “wildest kisses.”
Jean and Camille, known as @backpackdiariez on Instagram, claimed to have quit their corporate jobs in London to travel the world together.
The couple performed the dangerous stunt on a popular train that travels from Kandy to Ella last week.
In the photo, Jean can be seen hanging onto the train with one hand, while Camille leans out to kiss him with one leg raised.
Jean and Camille listed seven things that describe them as a couple, which the photo supposedly showcases:
  1. Blind trust in each other, no matter what 🙈
  2. Madly in love ❤️
  3. Always having the need to do something different with our lives 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Living on the edge (sometimes a bit too much) 🤕
  5. Usually on the run 👣
  6. Having fun whenever we can 💃🏼
  7. Organized chaos 🌪
It’s unclear who took their photo, but some believe it was Camille’s brother who often travels with them.
While the death-defying image received thousands of likes, it also received criticism from users who believed that the pair took their Instagram game too far.
It appears the comments criticizing the couple and their reckless photo have since been deleted from the post.
Jean and Camille reportedly started their Instagram in June 2017 as they traveled to South America for five months. In lieu of their office jobs, they have since financed their travels with freelance work, as well as collaborations on social media.
Featured Images via Instagram / @backpackdiariez
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