Instagram Account Literally Puts Celebrities in Ramen Because Reasons

This Instagram account would like to “shoyu” your daily dose of celebs and sodium — all in one delicious post.

Aziz Ramen Celebrity

The page, titled “Celebrities in Ramen”, is… pretty self-explanatory — you’ll see photoshopped images of celebrities submerged in bowls of ramen.

Nicki Minaj Ramen

No famous person is immune from the pull of the tasty dish.

Elf Ramen

Not even former President Barack Obama.

Obama Ramen

Or Darth Vader, who presumably came back from the dark side to enjoy the yummy goodness.

Darth Vader Ramen

The account is similar to other pages, such as Celebs on Sandwiches and Bread People.

Putin Ramen

But we’re partial to the delicious, delicious noodles.

Emma Watson Ramen

So good!

Jackie Chan Ramen

You can follow the account here to see if your favorite actor is ever featured.

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