Inside the Growing Trend of Men Dating Plastic Dolls in China

There’s been a growing popularity of men in China buying silicon dolls and treating them as girlfriends and sometimes even children.

Men have been spotted in public taking their dolls on dates to the movies and the park, according to People’s Daily Online.

Zhang Fan, 36, who’s a stock trader in Beijing, sees his doll as a female version of himself.

“She is me as a female. Not some other woman.” Zhang told local media. He likes dressing her up in different outfits and taking photos with her in public.

Although Zhang’s parents approved of their son’s relationship with the doll, they insist that he should still get married. However, after two failed relationships, Zhang concluded that marriage would be too expensive and stopped his search.

Song Bo, 29, didn’t want to get married and have children after bring diagnosed with a growing cyst in his head. Instead, he keeps a doll and treats it as if it were his own daughter.

Other dolls owners have claimed that having a doll has helped them get an actual wife. Li Chen, 58, is about to marry a 24-year-old woman since getting divorced 12 years ago. He credits his doll for giving him the confidence to get himself out there to find new love.

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