This Insane Robot Can Make Perfectly Formed Sushi In Less Than A Minute

From super-smart artificial intelligence to realistic-looking sexbots, recent advancements in robotics technology have led companies to create some pretty awesome machines.
Kawasaki, one of the leading industries in robot manufacturing, has introduced something special — this time for sushi lovers. And while a robot that can make sushi is impressive enough, finishing the meticulous job in under a minute is undeniably badass.
The sushi-making robot, first reported by Gizmodo, is shown in the video making nigiri, the traditional type of sushi with a piece of raw fish placed atop a tiny ball of rice. 
Using two robotic arms like a true sushi expert, the robot picks up pressed bundles of rice and puts it on a wooden block. The left arm even squeezes a little bit of wasabi on the rice. It also places raw seafood on top, completely assembling the nigiri. The sushi robot is shown, among other new robot technologies, inside the company’s recently opened showroom in Tokyo.
Kawasaki said it “intends to propose new forms of human–robot coexistence and collaboration towards the coming robot society.”
The facility, which began operations earlier this month, is Kawasaki’s contribution to the government-backed “Japan’s Robot Strategy”, the country’s initiative to advance robot applications to wider fields.
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