Insane Office Photos Reveal Just How Hardcore Alibaba Workers Are

November 11 is Single’s Day (11.11) in China, a holiday created by the Internet giant Alibaba and marked as the world’s biggest online shopping event. E-commerce giants in China prepared for months just for the course of 24 hours.

Around $14.3 billion worth of sales are made in a single day — bigger than Facebook’s entire revenue last year.

Behind the impressive sales record were the hardworking Alibaba staff who made it all happen.

Below are photos from behind the scene at Alibaba: how the 10,000 staff pulled off this event of the year. (photos from the Internet and the original link of Chinese coverage by 粥左罗 HERE I annotated the photos in English.

The slogan at Alibaba reads “11.11 Rock the World”
The staff busy at work
The lights at Alipay building late at night

Before 11.11, 8 mock sales were scheduled to make sure seamless execution of the day. Regardless what would happen on Nov 11, the staff made sure to respond within 1 min and provide updates within 5 mins.

Hardworking, hardworking, hardworking !

Red bull, tents and Jack Ma’s visit

Tents everywhere
Even in the parking lot
Male vs. female tents
Sleeping beds in meeting rooms
Unlimited red bull and fruits + 4 meals per day
Jack Ma’s visit
Jack signing on the drum
Staff getting 11.11 haircut
Carving the TMall cat logo & 11.11 on the back of head
Getting the TMall logo nails
Tents & sleeping bags in the shape of 11.11

The success of Alibaba was not a result of good luck, but the hard work and sleepless nights that went behind it.

About the author: Chenyu Zheng is a blogger from China who currently works as Product Marketing at Uber. 

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