One Infographic Shows When You’re Most Likely to Break Up With Your Significant Other

Facebook relationship statuses can reveal whether a person is single, married, in an open relationship, or even if things are romantically complicated.
Gathered altogether as data, they can also tell us the most popular times of the year for couples to break up:
The above chart was created by David McCandless and Lee Byron, London-based data journalists, to illustrate the trends in break-ups based on Facebook updates for their book “The Visual Miscellaneum.”
Ironically, two of the most popular periods for break-ups are in February, just after Valentine’s Day, and in December, just before Christmas.
A smaller peak of romantic splits also appears on April Fool’s day. Surprisingly enough, Monday is the most popular day of the week for breakups during the month of April and May. Couples are also more likely to split at the beginning of summer rather than later in.
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