Influencer Feral Creature and Elderly Dog Allegedly Assaulted During Walk in Brooklyn

Influencer Feral Creature and Elderly Dog Allegedly Assaulted During Walk in BrooklynInfluencer Feral Creature and Elderly Dog Allegedly Assaulted During Walk in Brooklyn
Los Angeles native and New York-based veteran blogger and full-time brand content creator Feral Creature (Eugénie Grey) and her 11.5-year-old elderly dog claim they are victims of another presumably racist attack from the COVID-19 outbreak.
In the Instagram post, Grey recalled the incident as another day walking her dog Napoleon around her neighborhood when “he decided to poop in the middle of a clear, empty, wide-open sidewalk.”
Grey, who is “obviously Asian,” wore a face mask and gloves, saying that she is “normally very vigilant of [her] surroundings, but [she] couldn’t see anything while [she] was bent over picking up his poop.” It was at that moment that the attack occurred.
Grey and the Chihuahua Shih Tzu mix who would roughly be 65 to 70 years old in human years, were smashed into, the latter also kicked, on their walk to relieve himself.
“Napoleon screamed.”
“The person kept walking without reacting to anything I said to them,” she wrote.
Unfortunately, she could not get video footage or photos of the attacker, stating Napoleon’s safety rose above all else: “Had I been alone, maybe I would have gone after them, but my dog’s safety was paramount and I needed to get us out of that situation ASAP. We are both physically ok but mentally shaken up.”
NextShark reached out for further comments where she replied she couldn’t identify the attack as it was still the tail end of winter and everyone around was bundled up in coats. She “only saw their back, but by their stature, they were about 5’9″.”
She also admitted that this walk was slightly different from their usual one as she “normally [walks] Napoleon in the same one block-radius, but went two blocks over that time, in an area covered by a lot of scaffolding.” She kept her descriptions vague as to not reveal her home’s location.
Grey is currently on voluntary quarantine in her Brooklyn home to protect herself and others from spreading COVID-19.
The ordeal had Grey taking a mental hit. She opened up about the influx of racism saying, “Since the spread of COVID-19 has been increasing, so have racist remarks thrown my way.”
“The day it happened and the first day after, I was in bad shape. Since it happened so early in the afternoon, I cried my eyes out all day. I’m not normally a crier, so this cut me really deeply,” she wrote. “I went from being treated as if I were invisible even though I’m talking to their face, to being screamed at in the streets, to being physically assaulted. I keep thinking about what the next step of escalation is. How much more violent could it get? The thought terrifies me.”
When asked about Napoleon’s condition afterward she said, “I thought he was okay after a few days, but I realized he’s not. It’s difficult to tell with animals, because they won’t show they’re hurting unless it’s really bad, as a survival tactic. I realized he was afraid to poop (it happened immediately after he finished going). He became really listless and low-energy…”
Her elderly canine companion is still in shock and feeling trauma.
“I think he was depressed,” she started. “He has been acting totally different outdoors–antsy, borderline hyperventilating, etc. He hates it outside now. I feel so bad for him. He’s normally the most perfect dog: he relieves himself when I tell him to, never pulls the leash, and finishes his business really fast so he can enjoy taking in the sights and smells.
Knowing that this is happening to Asians everywhere, Grey reflected, “A follower of mine said it best, ‘We have become the virus.’ The way we treat each other will linger long after the virus fades from memory for most people. This kind of racism and violence will set off a chain reaction that will be extremely difficult to remedy. We can’t let that happen.”
Grey noted that she didn’t want to focus on being negative, instead opting to go into the more positive route following the incident. The content creator turned to making humorous TikToks (@feeal_creature, temporarily with the typo because of a saving mishap) and posts to keep her self-care up and followers happy. She is currently taking cosplay requests on her Instagram, one of the latest being a strikingly accurate The Rock cosplay shown below.
In one final word to NextShark readers she said, “I implore non-Asians reading this article to stand up for Asians in their life (whether friends or strangers) a little extra from this moment on–we really need you as allies. The racist hysteria is only going to increase as the virus affects us more and more.”
Feature Images Courtesy of Feral Creature/Eugénie Grey
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