Chinese influencer banned from Douyin for eating a live wasp

man eats live wasp
  • A Chinese influencer has been banned from Douyin after he filmed himself eating a live wasp, prompting heavy backlash from online users.
  • The man, who had over 560,000 followers, was banned from the social media platform on Sunday.
  • Following the stunt, he suffered extremely swollen lips and difficulty swallowing.
  • The man claimed the video attracted more than 100,000 viewers and planned to do the same stunt on Sunday before his account was banned.

A Chinese influencer who shared a video of himself eating a live wasp was banned from Douyin, shortly before his second attempt at the dangerous stunt.

Wang Chan was banned from Douyin on Sept. 4after he uploaded the wasp-eating video. He had over 560,000 followers on the platform.

Wang is well known on Chinese social media for pulling dangerous stunts such as poking wasp nests without protective clothing. 

In addition, he begins his videos with the Chinese proverb, “I don’t know what to do after eating,” a phrase used to disapprove of those performing silly acts.

The video, which was filmed on Sept. 2, showed Wang eating a live wasp with a pair of chopsticks. He expressed that he was “a little afraid” shortly before eating the insect. The video included the hashtag, “Influencer who performed wasp eating left with sausage lips.”

After swallowing the live wasp, Wang began to suffer from extremely swollen lips and eyes. Wang had difficulty swallowing while trying to eat congee and went to the hospital shortly after for treatment.

The influencer claimed the video attracted 100,000 viewers and he planned on repeating the wasp-eating stunt last Sunday. His Douyin account, however, was banned right before the second attempt.

Online users heavily criticized Wang for his stunts.

“It’s not cruel, it’s stupid,” one user commented. 

“This is really desperate,” another user wrote.

The video, shared by Wuxi TV, garnered 3,084 likes and 9986 comments since it was first uploaded on Sept. 4.


Featured Image via Douyin

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