Drunk Irish Passenger Ar‌res‌t‌e‌d for A‌bu‌si‌n‌g Air India Staff After They Cut Her Off Drinks

Drunk Irish Passenger Ar‌res‌t‌e‌d for A‌bu‌si‌n‌g Air India Staff After They Cut Her Off Drinks
Bryan Ke
November 15, 2018
An intoxicated Irish woman, who claims to be an international human rights lawyer, was ar‌res‌te‌d for
The incident happened during a flight from Mumbai, India to London, United Kingdom on Saturday, according to NDTV.
In the widely circulated clip, the blonde-haired woman, whose name was not revealed, can be heard swearing and yelling at the Air India crew after they refused to give her more wine.
“You are the captain, aren’t you? You treat business class passengers like this? I work for all you f**king people… The f***ing Rohingyas, the f***ing people of all Asia, for you, an international criminal lawyer,” the 50-year-old woman can be heard saying in the video.
“Don’t get any money for it by the way. But you won’t give me a glass of wine, is that correct?” she screams and claps. “If I say boycott Air India, done!”
As the tirade continued, her rising aggravation led to a man in the background to warn her by saying, “Calm down, no touching.”
After she was finished targeting the crew with her rant, the woman redirected her attention to all the business class passengers on the plane.
The London Metropolitan P‌o‌lic‌e, meanwhile, confirmed that the woman was taken into custody upon landing at Heathrow Airport, Daily Mail reported.
“At approximately 1.30pm on Saturday, 10 November, a 50-year-old woman was ar‌re‌s‌te‌d after an Air India flight had landed at Heathrow Airport,” a spokesperson told the publication. “She was a‌rr‌es‌t‌ed‌ on suspicion of racially agg‌rav‌ate‌d public order, common as‌s‌a‌ul‌t and drunk and disorderly and taken to a west London p‌oli‌c‌e station.”
“She was subsequently released under inv‌estig‌ati‌o‌n.”
Featured image screenshot via YouTube / Hamara Ittihaas
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