Indonesian Woman Bashed Online For Being ‘Too Ugly’ Gets the Last Laugh

Indonesian Woman Bashed Online For Being ‘Too Ugly’ Gets the Last Laugh
King Malleta
April 19, 2017
An Indonesian woman made her K-pop dreams a reality when she found her very own Korean prince charming.
Vera Nanda Putri became fascinated with Koreans and their culture after watching a show called “Running Man.” In 2015, she decided to go to South Korea to enroll for a language course at the Seoul National University. Not long after that, she met a Korean graphic designer named Jun.
But like most relationships, it didn’t come without hardships. Due to cultural differences, Vera had her doubts, according to Koreaboo. Furthermore, their relationship was also ridiculed online and Vera was bullied by users who think that she was not attractive enough to be Jun’s girlfriend.
However, Jun proved the sincerity of his love for Vera when one day he made a phone call to his father asking his blessing for their planned marriage. After Vera’s father agreed, the couple flew to Jakarta where Jun formally proposed to his girlfriend.
The happy couple married in February with two ceremonies celebrating Indonesian and Korean culture. She posted several photos of their wedding on her Instagram account that showed both their parents being supportive of their marriage.
Amid all the bashing she received on social media, Vera and Jun proved that their love endures.
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