Indonesian Theater Closed After Mayor Says Seats Could Make People Cheat

Many movie theaters nowadays offer beds instead of movie seats to give their customers the ultimate cinematic experience. However, this kind of promo is totally unacceptable in one small Indonesian town.

A cinema chain in Indonesia was ordered to close down after receiving complaints that their bed-like seats could promote “adultery and sexual misconduct.”

News Asia One reported that CGV’s Velvet Class theater – equipped with plush bed as seats and pillows – was ordered to shut down. This is after deputy mayor Fitrianti Agustinda visited the cinema located at Palembang’s Social Market after hearing complaints from the public.

Upon inspection, Agustinda was reportedly displeased and even rejected the cinema’s explanation. She said, “If it’s like this, those that don’t want to watch the movie can still use it for something else.”

In their defense, CGV said that the beds are not exclusive for couples but also for families who want to watch movies together. However, their explanation fell short and the cinema was still ordered to temporarily close despite having security cameras and government permission.

CGV’s Velvet Class theater also operates in other parts of Indonesia without any troubles.

Unfortunately for CGV’s Palembang branch, they can only re-open their luxury theater after their change their beds to movie seats.

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