Indonesian Stewardess Awarded For Carrying Elderly Passenger on Her Back Barefoot

A flight attendant of Garuda Indonesia, the country’s national airline, was awarded for helping one female elderly passenger get off a Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta flight by carrying her barefooted.

News of the excellent service in flight GA-821 broke on Saturday, when junior attendant Vera was photographed carrying an elderly passenger on her back. The image was posted by Farchan Noor Rachman on Twitter.

It all started when a wheelchair, expected to assist the passenger, did not arrive too soon. While all the other passengers had left the plane, the elder was left with a family member.

Without hesitation, Vera and flight service manager Ninik Septinawati, who was also awarded, offered to help the passenger.

Image: Farchan Noor Rachman/Twitter

Vera lifted the passenger on her back from the rear seat to the exit door. It’s a fairly long distance, and more impressively, Vera did it without footwear.

Image: Budi Karya Sumadi/Twitter

The awards came from Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi, who praised Vera and Ninik’s service in a tweet (via The Jakarta Post):

“Their spontaneity in helping passengers who are in need of help is very important in the transportation sector.”

Image: Budi Karya Sumadi/Twitter

Budi also acknowledged Vera for going the extra mile, “Please always continue to serve with [your] heart.”

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