Indonesian Security Guard ‘Sparks Joy’ After Arranging Students’ Motorcycles By Color

Indonesian Security Guard ‘Sparks Joy’ After Arranging Students’ Motorcycles By Color
Ryan General
By Ryan General
February 6, 2019
A security guard is “sparking joy” on Indonesian social media for his organizing skills that seem to be inspired by guru Marie Kondo.
As a satpam (security guard) at SMAN 4 high school in South Tangerang city, Banten, it is Pak Slamet’s job to keep everything in order. This includes arranging students’ motorcycles in an efficient way to save as much space as possible, Coconuts Media reports.
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Tyara, a student from SMAN 4, posted images of Slamet’s incredible attention to detail in arranging the vehicles on Twitter last week.
Not only did the guard arrange them by color, but he also made sure each inch of the space was maximized.
“My school’s security guard often parks [Honda] Beat motorcycles in such orderly rows like these, because a lot of students at my school ride Beat. Sometimes not only Beat, he also puts Vespa or big bikes in rows like these,” Tyara wrote in her tweet.

She also tweeted a video clip of the school’s parking lot, showcasing Slamet’s masterful work up close the next day.
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Pak Slamet, whose full name is Slamet Gunaedi, was praised for his work that went viral.
In an interview with Detik, Slamet revealed that he began his OCD-style decluttering of the school’s parking lot back in 2000.
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“It’s a part of my job, so [the parking lot] looks nice. I don’t want to hear that a satpam’s work only consist of smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee. We don’t have to wait for orders. As a security guard, I must have my own initiatives,” Slamet was quoted as saying.

Appreciative students at SMAN 4 showered their beloved guard with praises in interviews with Detik.

“Pak Slamet is so kind, and he likes aesthetics. So it’s really nice to see motorcycles parked in such an orderly fashion,” one student said.

“Two thumbs up for Pak Slamet, who’s now a social media celebrity,” another chimed in.
Featured image via Twitter / killerqweennn
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