Indonesian President Calls Little Girl Who Wouldn’t Stop Crying Over Him

Indonesian President Calls Little Girl Who Wouldn’t Stop Crying Over HimIndonesian President Calls Little Girl Who Wouldn’t Stop Crying Over Him
Indonesia’s President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo consoled a little girl who burst into tears after missing the opportunity to meet him while he was on a trip to Tomohon, North Sulawesi, on December 27.
President Jokowi’s convoy was scheduled to pass by the girl, identified only as Neisha, and her family’s house on the way to another event and she was excitedly awaiting his arrival that day, according to Coconuts Jakarta.
But one trip to the little girl’s room caused Neisha to miss meeting Jokowi in person as he passed by. When she learned of the unfortunate news, she began to cry and pointed a finger at her father for not warning her that the president was nearby.
Nova Rampengan, Neisha’s mother, caught her daughter’s adorable tantrum on video and posted it on Facebook, and has since gone viral, racking up more than 175,000 views.
Jokowi phoned the little girl after his daughter, Kahiyang Ayu, asked on Instagram if any users knew how they could reach out to Neisha and her family.
The surprise phone call was posted on New Year’s Eve on Jokowi’s youngest son Kaesang’s YouTube channel, where the siblings explain Neisha’s story of missing the chance to meet their father.
Neisha’s conversation with the president was translated by Coconuts Jakarta below:
Jokowi: Hello Neisha, good evening. You were the one crying the other day, yeah?
Neisha: Yeah…
Jokowi: Why were you crying?
Neisha: I wanted to meet…
Jokowi: Who did you want to meet?
Neisha: Bapak President.
Jokowi: Oh you wanted to meet the president. And you couldn’t meet him?
Neisha: Yeah…
Jokowi: Yeah, I saw you were crying the other day. Well, I’m recording this, later you can watch it on Youtube, ok? But don’t cry anymore, ok?
Neisha: Ok.
Jokowi: Study hard, ok?
Neisha: Ok.
On January 1, Rampengan posted a follow-up video of Neisha wishing Jokowi and his family a happy and healthy New Year.
The president also uploaded a photo of himself at the Bogor Palace park on his social media accounts, according to the Jakarta Post, with the caption “00.00 Year 2017 at home HAPPY NEW YEAR – Jkw”.
Jokowi and First Lady Iriana Widodo spent New Year’s Eve 2016 in Raja Ampat, Papua.
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