Indonesian Netizens Fall in Love With Viral Photo of Muslim Men Helping Two Stranded Nuns

Indonesian Netizens Fall in Love With Viral Photo of Muslim Men Helping Two Stranded Nuns
Ryan General
By Ryan General
October 12, 2016
The people of Indonesia pride themselves on being united despite the country’s highly diversified population. While there are a handful of headlines recently displaying some people’s intolerance of others, simple acts of compassion would also occasionally reveal themselves in unexpected ways.
Such is the case of one act of random kindness perfectly displayed in one photo that recently went viral on local social media, according to Coconuts Jakarta.
An image featuring Muslim men who stopped and took the time to assist two Catholic nuns was posted and shared across multiple social media platforms in the country. The unidentified nuns apparently had some trouble with their motorcycle and the men stopped to lend a hand.   
While there is no other information provided regarding the exact place and date of the incident, many still chose to share the photo for the message of tolerance that resonated with many social media users.
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“A motorcycle driven by two nuns broke down. 2 clerics who happened to be passing stopped to fix the broken motorcycle.”
Many commented how rare such occurrence are highlighted in daily news, while some are just glad that the moment was captured and exposed the good side of Indonesian people.
Nobody has yet identified anyone from the photo yet, but knowing that the difference in faith and religion did not stop the men to help out is enough for many. In Indonesia, where certain groups use religion and influence to create tension for political gain, the display of natural human kindness is something many believe that should always be magnified.
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