Man in Indonesia Kills Neighbor After She Kept Asking ‘When Are You Getting Married?’

indonesian murder suspect faces life imprisonment after strangling pregnant neighbor

A 28-year-old Indonesian man may face life in prison if a court finds him guilty of killing his pregnant neighbor on Jan. 19 in Kampung Pasir Jonge, Indonesia after she repeatedly asked him, “when are you getting married?”

Image via Mulut Puaka

The gruesome incident began when the woman, identified as 32-year-old Aisyah, visited the suspect Faiz Nurdin’s home and suggested that he should get married soon because others in his age group had already tied the knot.

Image via Mulut Puaka

Faiz felt offended when the woman asked him why he wasn’t married to anyone yet, Dhaka Tribune reported.

The furious man visited Aisyah’s home later that same day and was invited to come into her living room. Faiz then quietly followed the woman when she walked to her bedroom where he pushed her onto the bed and proceeded to strangle her.

Image via Mulut Puaka

Aisyah struggled and tried to fight back by managing to bite Faiz’s fingers. But sadly, the enraged man was just too strong.

Image via Mulut Puaka

Faiz reportedly stole 797,536 Indonesian Rupiah ($55) after killing Aisyah as well as the victim’s smartphone in her room.

Authorities reportedly managed to catch Faiz as he tried to flee the crime scene to Jakarta by opening fire and shooting his leg. They seized his motorcycle, a pillow, a pair of slippers, a piece of cloth and a T-shirt from the suspect when they apprehended him.

Images via Mulut Puaka

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