Indonesian Military Bullied into Destroying Tiger Statue Because the Internet is Cruel

Savage memes led to the destruction of a terribly-made tiger statue in front of a military base in Indonesia.

Apparently, Indonesian netizens made fun of the unintentionally funny-looking tiger statue installed in Siliwangi Military Command in the province of Cisewu. Many were throwing non-stop jokes about the tiger which appeared to be wearing an extremely wide smile.

It was not explained whether the weird facial expression was made on purpose, but it looked more like a cute cartoon character than a fierce emblem of a military base.

The hashtag #MacanCisewu even became a trending topic on Twitter at some point, with a lot of users creating memes to mock the tiger. 

According to the BBC, it came to the point that the mockery became too much for the military officials to handle that they decided to just simply take it down.

The statue was destroyed with chisels earlier this week.

The military base commander who spoke with the BBC said the statue was created a “long time ago” in Cisewu.

“Every unit has their own decision on how the statue was made, but sometimes the artist was not that good,” Siliwangi military commander Maj Gen Herindra was quoted as saying.

Compared with the tigers from other installations, the Cisewu tiger may actually not look that too shabby.

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