Indonesian Man Forced to Show ‘Gigantic Penis’ to Prove Innocence for Murder

Indonesian Man Forced to Show ‘Gigantic Penis’ to Prove Innocence for Murder
Ryan General
April 2, 2019
A grieving Indonesian husband was forced to show his penis to authorities to prove that it did not cause the death of his wife.
According to Detik Today, the man named Barsah was brought to the police station for questioning following the death of his wife Jumantri.
via Detik Today
Jumantri, 23, was found dead in her bedroom in Maron Kidul, East Java Province on the morning of Feb. 25. She was said to have suffered an epileptic episode the night before, but a rumor began circulating that Jumantri had died during sex.
After the rumor spread, Barsah’s father-in-law Nedi Sito reportedly accused Barsah of possessing a penis so big that it led to the death of his wife.
Despite having initially ruled the wife’s death to be caused by an epileptic fit, the local police summoned Barsah to the police station on March 20.
At the station, Barsah was asked to show his genitals to the officers as well as members of Nedi’s family, who stood as witnesses.
“After seeing directly the genitalia that was thought to be oversized, it turned out to be of the standard size,” Probolinggo Police Crime Investigation Unit Head Riyanto was quoted as saying.
“So right there and then the father-in-law dropped the report and they apologized to each other.”
Sito acknowledged the findings and has stated that the family has now accepted that Jumantri died from epilepsy, a condition his daughter had suffered from since her early teens.
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