Indonesian Maid Jailed After Robbing and Abusing Boss’s Mother

Indonesian Maid Jailed After Robbing and Abusing Boss’s Mother
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
December 14, 2016
An Indonesian maid working in Singapore was sentenced to 40 months behind bars for robbing and abusing her employer’s elderly mother.
Jaimah Hapit Said, 32, robbed and abused Hwang Sai Kin, 81, on September 26 at the victim’s house in Bedok after having worked their one month, The Straits Times reported.
The two were alone at home when Jaimah accused Hwang of disliking her, which the latter denied, Deputy Public Prosecutor Jaime Pang said. The events that followed were downright abusive.
Jaimah grabbed Hwang, pushed her on to bed and stuffed her mouth with a towel. She then restrained her victim’s legs and asked for money.
After a while, Hwang was forced to sit in a corner, where she was choked. Jaimah demanded cash and the victim surrendered SGD $3,600 ($2,500).
The abuse, however, was not over yet. Jaimah ordered Hwang to stay in a room, taking away all communication devices. When the victim asked for food, she brought bread, water and a knife.
Jaimah used the knife to confine Hwang for at least 30 minutes, threatening to stab her if she leaves. That’s when she carried out the robbery, collecting SGD $4,580 ($3,187) worth of cash and jewelry amounting to SGD $1,200 ($835).
Jaimah was captured when she sought help from the Indonesian Embassy. Apparently, she did not find her passport at Madam Hwang’s household.
She received an additional sentence of six weeks in lieu of caning.
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