Indonesian Man Finds Neglected Husky, Gives It A Second Chance at Life

Ten months ago, Facebook user Rico Soegiarto found an abandoned dog which was in terrible shape after being neglected.

This beautiful creature has suffered neglect for too long.. Image via Instagram/ricoocir

Severe malnutrition caused the young Siberian Husky to deteriorate into a skeletal frame that could barely stand properly.

With fur mostly shed, he’s all skin, bones and open wounds

The dog also suffered from excessive hair loss with patches of baldness that made it unrecognizable.

Soegiarto cleaned the dog all up and gave it medicine to allow the wounds to heal properly

Seeing the canine’s poor condition, the dog-lover from Indonesia decided to take it home and give it his utmost care.

He began the labor of love that involved trimming the dog’s fur and removing its fleas.

Soegiarto gave the dog a nice meal and shower and then had it checked up for health issues.

The dog was finally getting the care and nurture it has been craving for.

In the next several months, he nourished the then lanky dog back to health by feeding healthy meals regularly and providing a loving environment.

Just a few months under the man’s care would result in the dog’s amazing transformation

Last week, he posted the amazing transformation the dog underwent while under his care.

The images became widely shared on social media with hundreds of netizens showering Soegiarto with praise for saving the dog’s life.

See the pure joy in the dog’s eyes as he sits on his human’s lap:

Great job Rico Soegiarto and thank you for being an awesome human!

Feature image via Instagram/ricoocir

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