Man Murders Entire Family and Commits Suicide in Case That Rocks Indonesia

Man Murders Entire Family and Commits Suicide in Case That Rocks Indonesia
Ryan General
By Ryan General
October 29, 2018
Local authorities are currently investigating an alleged murder-suicide in Indonesia involving a father who appeared to have killed his entire family, including their pet dogs, before taking his own life.
The tragic incident, which happened in the South Sumatra capital of Palembang in the early hours of Wednesday morning, gripped the entire nation, according to the Jakarta Post.  
Based on the initial investigation, 45-year-old businessman Fransiskus Xaverius Ong allegedly killed his 43-year-old wife, Margareth Yentin Liana, his 18-year-old son Rafael Fransiskus, 11-year-old daughter Kathlyn Fransiskus and pet dogs Choky and Snowy, at their home in Kalidoni district.
While the father’s motive in killing his own family is still unclear, investigators believe that the suicide notes he left indicated that a fight between him and his wife might have triggered the gruesome crime.
Image via Kompas
“I’m so tired, I’m sorry […]” and “I love my wife and children very much [as well as family dogs] Choky and Snowy. I can’t afford to leave them alone in this world,” were written on the notes.
The family’s housemaid, identified only as Dewi, told investigators that Fransiskus had been drinking coffee while playing the piano at around 8 p.m. the night before. She noted that Fransiskus only played the piano when he “was having a problem.”
Dewi shared that later that night, Fransiskus reportedly called all of the employees working for him and his company for a meeting at his house, where he gave them some money.
Fransiskus was also found to have sent a cryptic message to his high school WhatsApp group on Wednesday at 3 a.m., asking for their forgiveness and for them to remember only his good deeds.
One of the members replied, “What are you blabbering about at 3 a.m. in the morning?”
Another housemaid, identified as Sarah, was shocked to discover the horrific deaths when she tried to wake Kathlyn up for school.
“My sister Sarah saw blood on the pillow when she tried to wake Kathlyn up. At first, she thought it was simply a nosebleed, but then she saw that the blood was coming from Kathlyn’s head,” Dewi was quoted as saying.
When the housemaids rushed to the parents’ room to report what they discovered, they found that the door was locked.
With no one responding to their calls, they then sought help from the neighbors. The police were eventually called and it was then revealed that all of the family members had been killed by gunshots.
Based on the investigation, which included autopsy results, it was concluded that the father had carefully planned the murders, according to South Sumatra Police chief Insp. Gen. Zulkarnain Adinegara.
“Based on [the findings] of gunshot residue analysis, it was revealed that Fransiskus was the one who pulled the trigger,” Zulkarnain said on Friday.
Fransiskus reportedly shot his wife first in their bedroom and then sat outside the room and lit a cigarette.

“We found cigarette butts partly covered in blood, as well as coffee stains outside the bedroom. We assume he smoked a cigarette and thought about his actions before proceeding to murder his children,” Zulkarnain said.
He then proceeded to his son’s bedroom on the second floor and shot the sleeping teen in the head at close range. After that, he shot his daughter the same way. After killing the family dogs by drowning them in the bathtub, Fransiskus returned to his bedroom and shot himself.
Zulkarnain believes that the man murdered his entire family out of fear of dying alone.
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