Indians Are the Highest Earning Out Of All Asian-Americans

Indian-Americans are the highest-paid Asian-Americans, according to a new U.S. Labor Department report.
Satya Nadella. Photo by OFFICIAL LEWEB PHOTOS/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
Using data from the 2015 Current Population Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, the Labor Department found that full-time, Indian-American workers had median and average weekly earnings of $1,346 and $1,464, respectively.
The group was followed by Japanese-, Chinese-, Korean- and Filipino-Americans.
Sundar Pichai. Photo by Maurizio Pesce (CC BY 2.0)
In general, Asian-American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) had median and average weekly earnings of $969 and $1,183, slightly more than Whites who raked $900 and $1,090.
Blacks and Hispanics earned the least. The former was paid $640 (median) and $809 (average), while the latter earned $600 and $765.
Lead researcher Keith Miller said (via Wall Street Journal) AAPI’s general success “can mask some really important differences in what’s going on within the subgroups.”
For instance, Filipinos only earned 64% of the Indians’ weekly median pay, while just a third of Vietnamese had a bachelor’s degree compared to 60% of Koreans.
Interestingly, there were also differences between sexes. Male Indian-Americans had $1,500 as median weekly earnings, while females got $1,115 — a disparity of 26%.
The least difference of 4% was between male and female Japanese-Americans, who received $900 and $865, respectively, as median weekly earnings.
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