Indiana Woman Charged for Confining Asian Girls In Home That Smelled Like ‘Rotten Flesh’

Indiana Woman Charged for Confining Asian Girls In Home That Smelled Like ‘Rotten Flesh’
Bryan Ke
October 4, 2017
A woman from Decatur, Indiana, was recently charged with felony neglect for confining two teenage Asian girls inside their home in the 1000 block of Twin Lakes Drive for 15 years.
Mary Heller was arrested by the authorities for neglecting the two teenagers and confining them for years inside the house. She failed to educate them, and sometimes forgot to feed them, according to WANE-TV.
The initial investigation into the case began in January when two women were asked by the girls’ cousin to check on the girls at their home.
They were shocked by what they saw: windows covered in white butcher paper, strong foul odor and one of the girls in horrible condition. One of the women explained that the girl who answered the door appeared “very skinny, having a pale looking complexion, greasy long black hair, and her lips were dry and cracked.”
The following day, the police received a 911 call from Heller saying she was unable to get up from the bathroom floor, and that she’s been in that position for 20 hours. Medics who responded to the call told the authorities that the home smelled like “rotting flesh.”
Authorities then released a search warrant for the house and discovered that the two girls are from different countries. The older teenager, 19, was from China while the younger girl, 15, was from Mongolia. The two girls were reportedly only allowed to go out to get the mail and newspaper.
After discovering the girls, police had to call in Child Protective Services to look after them.
It was revealed during their talk with Department of Child Services that they were pulled out of school by Heller so she could home school them, but she did not. One of the girls told DCS that the woman “gave up” on them a long time ago.
Heller is currently being held in Adams County Jail, Fox 4 Kansas City reported.
Images via YouTube / WANE NewsChannel 15, Adams County Jail
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