Doctor Allegedly Stopped From Entering Gas Station in Indiana for Being Asian

Doctor Allegedly Stopped From Entering Gas Station in Indiana for Being AsianDoctor Allegedly Stopped From Entering Gas Station in Indiana for Being Asian
Ryan General
April 1, 2020
A doctor from Martinsville, Indiana revealed another coronavirus-related racist encounter he had after a recent visit to a local gas station. 
The victim, who was identified only by his first name David, shared with News 8 (WISH-TV) how he was stopped at a Marathon Gas station on Burton Lane and asked to leave for being Asian.
David treats cancer patients who are considered to be some of the most vulnerable to the coronavirus.
According to David, he went to Marathon to get some gas and a cup of coffee, but when he walked inside, the store clerk started yelling at him.
He noted that a sign was posted on the gas station’s door which read, “Coronavirus Prevention: Do not enter if you have a fever or feel ill.”
While not indicated on the sign, David felt that he was not allowed to go inside the store simply because he was Asian.  
“I’ve never experienced anything like this,” said David. “He continued to ask where I’m from and yelled at me. And then I told him that I am from Korean descent but was born in Louisville, Kentucky. And haven’t traveled out of the country in many many years. And he just went off.”
Although he was a regular customer at that gas station, David says the experience has prompted him never to return again.
“He was very angry and told me to get out. I wasn’t allowed to buy anything. I’m not allowed to use the bathroom there. ‘Never come back. Don’t ever come back’ in a very violent and hateful way,” he was quoted as saying.
Martinsville Police Chief Kurt Sprivey told News 8 that they have been notified about the incident and based on their findings, it simply appears to be a case of an employee overstepping the line.
“Exactly what I was told was that anyone of Chinese descent was not allowed in the store, and it was directly related to the spread of coronavirus,” said Sprivey.
Sprivey says the establishment has since been advised that such discrimination to any individual is inappropriate.
On Wednesday, the owner, who happens to be Indian, issued an apology, adding that the clerk who called out the customer will not work at the store anymore, WISH-TV reported. The owner says he’d like to speak to the man who was targeted if social distancing allows.
There are currently no hate crime laws in Indiana, but a person who commits battery intimidation, mischief or vandalism while being motivated by prejudice or bias could face stiffer penalties, a Morgan County prosecutor explained. 
The prosecutor further stated that the incident was “unacceptable” and urged victims of such discrimination to contact authorities immediately.
Feature Image via WISH TV
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