More Indian Women Are Getting Surgery For ‘Designer Vaginas’

More Indian Women Are Getting Surgery For ‘Designer Vaginas’More Indian Women Are Getting Surgery For ‘Designer Vaginas’
The booming designer vagina industry in India points to a great demand met by accommodating suppliers.
Today, facilities offering genital cosmetic surgeries are spread across the country, offering procedures such as “revirginization” and “vaginal rejuvenation.” In the name of “designer vaginas,” doctors are on standby.
According to Scroll, the All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, India’s largest gathering of gynecologists, will host a workshop on Vaginal Rejuvenation and Reconstruction this month. Here, local and foreign doctors will demonstrate clitoral hood reductions, labiaplasties and other procedures.
Sejal Desai, a doctor who claims to be the country’s first “aesthetic vaginal surgeon,” promotes her work in before-and-after photos posted on her website (Warning: NSFW) and in her Mumbai clinic. Some of her skills include the reduction or removal of the labia, tightening of the vagina and unhooding of the clitoris.
She tightens vaginas “for enhanced sexual arousal and pleasure or to correct age-related sagging and wrinkles which need to be lifted and filled.”
Dr. Sejal Desai / Image: Scroll
Dr. Sejal Desai / Image: Scroll
Dr. Desai also helps clients achieve a “Barbie look,” which basically makes vaginas to look brand new.
Meanwhile, Dr. Deepa Ganesh, who practices in Chennai, introduced a procedure called “G shot.” Here, the G-spot is thickened and expanded. She explained (via The Debrief):
“The injection augments G spot making it more sensitive and easier to orgasm.”
Vaginal cosmetic surgeries are often priced between INR 30,000 ($443) and 1.5 lakh ($2,213).
While India’s medical community appears to favor the trend, controversies over beauty standards and ethical concerns persist. Some doctors argue the lack of data on short- and long-term effects of such procedures.
Still, the infant industry is determined to survive. In October, India will host the world’s first congress on reconstructive and cosmetic genital cosmetic surgery in Gurugram, southwest of New Delhi.
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