Racist Woman Loses Her Sh*t and Attacks ‘Chinese Girls’ in Singapore Mall

Racist Woman Loses Her Sh*t and Attacks ‘Chinese Girls’ in Singapore MallRacist Woman Loses Her Sh*t and Attacks ‘Chinese Girls’ in Singapore Mall
Police have arrested a 45-year-old woman who lost her cool at an Owndays glasses shop in Tiong Bahru Plaza in Singapore.
The officers were alerted about the incident just before 10 p.m. local time and an investigation in the incident is ongoing, according to Channel NewsAsia.
A nearly six-minute video of the incident has gone viral on Facebook, with more than 5 million views since it was first posted on Tuesday.
According to reports, a female shopper went into Owndays to escape from a lady who she claimed became overly aggressive to her outside the store. Unfortunately, the aggressive lady followed the woman into the store and began yelling at and hitting employees of the shop, exclaiming, “I am done with the Chinese girls. They keep kicking me around in this neighborhood.
She lost her bracelet amid the fray and demanded one of the staff members to retrieve it from the fitting room.
Go and find for me my bracelet, go!” she shouts.
The mall security guard finally arrives and the lady continues to rant about the “bloody Chinese girls in this neighborhood.
When the staff said they would call the police, she dares them to “Call … Go and call the MP!
Another passerby stepped in to help, but the angry woman wanted to strike him as well.
Other members of the public and the security guard tried to intervene when the lady kept attempting to hit the staff.
Ask this f*cking Chinese girl to stop hitting me in the neighborhood here, you hear me or not?” she yells, when she was clearly the only one throwing punches.
The foul-mouthed woman pushed through behind the store counter and proceeded to land more blows on the employees.
We don’t know. She just started hitting people for no reason,” a woman behind the camera said.
The security guard and a staff member can been seen walking into the curtained backroom to give the bracelet back to the woman.
A male passerby told her to cool off and sit down, telling the staff to contact the shop manager to handle the situation.
Owndays has since issued a statement on the incident on Facebook:
Two of its employees were attacked while trying to help out the customer, it said.
Our colleagues had been brave and maintained their professionalism despite repeated assaults by the angry lady,” Owndays wrote.
The company has received an outpouring of “heartening messages” from the public and is now seeking legal advice.
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