Indian Villagers Unite to Pull Truck Out of a Gorge in Dramatic Viral Video

Indian villagers

Dramatic rescue of a truck being pulled out of a gorge by around 100 people in India was captured on film and is now circulating on social media. 

A feat of unity: Villagers from the mountainous state of Nagaland used ropes, vines and bamboo to keep the truck from falling further into the nearly 70-foot-deep valley, reports Indian Express.

  • The driver of the truck lost control and fell into the narrow valley near the village of Kutsapo in the Phek district. 
  • Villagers responded immediately, working together to bring the truck back to the road. 
  • Rescuers can even be heard singing together in the now-viral videos, which have racked up over 1 million views.
  • Social media users attribute the success of the operation to the villagers’ spirit of unity.

Around 100 locals show up: Men from the village who were “fit and not sick” heeded the cry for help, Kutsapo Village Council chairman Zashevezo Rhakho told EastMojo.

  • According to Rhakho, the number of villagers was necessary due to the lack of heavy machinery in the remote village.
  • The truck, which carried eight passengers, fell a few feet at a turning point. 
  • Narrating how they managed to pull off the rescue, Rhakho explained: “We tied ropes to the truck and built steps with bamboo to prevent the truck from skidding down when we pulled it. We cleared the areas where the tires will roll-up. That is how we managed to easily pull it off.”

Feature Image via Mmhonlumo Kikon

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