2,000 Student Avatars March in Indian University’s Virtual Graduation Ceremony

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One of India’s top technical universities found a way to honor its graduates amid the current pandemic by conducting a virtual ceremony.

Cyber diploma: Over 2,000 graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) earned their technical stripes via a virtual convocation ceremony on Sunday.

  • Each participating student, faculty member and speaker was represented by an avatar specially created in their likeness by the university. 
  • Much like in a normal ceremony, the students received their diplomas after climbing up a virtual stage.
  • Wearing their customized outfits, the students proudly strutted across the stage, exchanged handshakes and pecks on the cheek as they would in real-world graduation. 
  • IIT Bombay broadcast the ceremony on Indian television channels, Facebook Live and YouTube.

Maintaining a tradition: According to the university administration, the virtual ceremony was created so the students would not be deprived of the “pride” of marching on the graduation stage because of COVID-19.

  • The graduation ceremony was made possible by a team of around 20 people over the past two months, News18 reported.
  • Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, the director of IIT Bombay said in a statement: “Providing a virtual reality experience to all our graduates needed not only highly innovative steps but also a tremendous effort by our professors and staff.”
  • Chaudhuri said he hopes the ceremony would inspire the new graduates to become big thinkers and innovators.
  • On Twitter, students, faculty and family members shared clips and gifs from the ceremony.
  • Twitter even highlighted the special event in a Twitter moment.

Feature Image via IIT Bombay Official Channel

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