Indian Student Gets Slapped 40 Times For Not Responding to Roll Call

Indian Student Gets Slapped 40 Times For Not Responding to Roll Call
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 1, 2017
After failing to respond to the teacher’s roll call, a young pupil in India received a beating that left the whole class in utter shock.
Without pause, the teacher at a school in Uttar Pradesh’s capital city of Lucknow repeatedly slapped her Class 3 student 40 times.
A CCTV footage from the classroom caught the teacher, identified as Retika V John, delivering the merciless punishment to the child, according to NDTV.
In the now viral clip, the teacher is first seen snatching a piece of paper from the child before using both of her hands to slap him. She is also shown dragging the child by his tie. 
Netizens have dubbed the teacher a “monster” for her excessively cruel act.
The student’s parents reportedly noticed how swollen the boy’s face was when he returned home that day. He was also noticeably sluggish, according to the boy’s parents. They would later find out through his friends that the teacher had slapped him in class. Asked why he was unable to respond to the roll call, the boy said he was too engrossed in his drawing.
When the parents reported the incident to the school principal, the surveillance camera placed in the classroom was checked and what they found shocked them. They all saw how the student was slapped and dragged by the angry teacher. With such undeniable evidence, the school made the immediate decision to fire the teacher.
The boy’s father has since filed a police complaint and the teacher has been booked for causing hurt.
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