Indian State Says Internet is a Basic Human Right, Vows Free Wi-Fi For Citizens

Known as India’s “most advanced society,” the tropical state of Kerala has declared internet a basic human right, promising all citizens free Wi-Fi access.

The move follows the direction provided by the United Nations, according to Your Story. Approximately two million “poor families” are expected to access the web for free, while others will do at “a reduced rate.” Kerala’s population is pegged at 34.8 million people.

This makes absolute sense as Kerala also boasts of the highest literacy rate in India. Thomas Isaac, the state’s finance minister, announced earlier this month (via The Economic Times):

“Internet will now become a right for the people, and within 18 months, the internet gateway will be set up through the K phone network at a cost of Rs 1,000 crore.”

According to the plan, the government will give free internet access to approximately 2 million citizens and extend broadband connectivity to every possible house in its territory. This will be achieved through K-Fon, a network of optical fiber cables set parallel to the state’s electricity lines.

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