Indian Man Accidentally Orders Truckload of Rice, Wife Destroys Him Shortly After

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A writer in India shared a hilariously horrific encounter his family experienced after his brother-in-law, referred to as BIL in a lengthy Twitter thread, accidentally ordered a truckload of rice.

Shiv Ramdas shared his hilarious experience last Thursday on Twitter, but the location was not revealed in the thread, according to Indian Express.

Ramdas’ brother-in-law was tired of being asked to buy rice every day, so he decided to order in bulk. However, it backfired when the rice was delivered in a very large truck. His wife, Ramdas’ sister, was not amused.

In an update, Ramdas said his brother-in-law tried to negotiate a deal with the lorry driver, but the man refused his offer.

They tried to reach the warehouse owner to settle the issue, but the person wasn’t answering their calls. Negotiations between the driver and Ramdas’ brother-in-law continued until after the latter offered them cigarettes.

Even though they still couldn’t reach the owner of the warehouse, they were able to reach someone and instructed them to call a man named Manu to take care of the issue.

BIL was finally able to contact Manu after making several attempts to call him. They went back and forth with the cellphone, and the man said he would come to settle the dispute in person.

Ramdas’ mother made everyone eat while waiting for Manu to arrive.

The negotiation once again continues, this time with Manu.

“BIL is now saying he can do 10 bags but does Manu want a bottle of scotch thrown in? I deeply admire this man’s commitment to corruption,” Ramdas said in a follow-up tweet.

“The lorry driver has shared that he however, would rather like a bottle of whisky. He is also willing to accept rum. He’s accomodating like that,” he added in another.

After a few more discussions, the situation was finally resolved and Ramdas’ brother-in-law and Manu agreed to 23 bags of rice, a bottle of Old Monk and one bottle of Scotch for the lorry driver.

The lorry driver, helpers and Ramdas’ brother-in-law then proceeded to unload all the bags of rice from the lorry truck.

Many people in the thread found Ramdas’ experience as a funny and memorable one. Some find his post relatable with their own stories of food blunders.

In case some were wondering what the truck looks like, one Twitter user shared a picture of what is usually used in India.

Feature Image (Representation Only) via shankar s. (CC BY 2.0)

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