Indian Man Lives in a $94K ‘Camera House’ With His Kids Canon, Nikon and Epson

Indian photographer

A 49-year-old Indian photographer has taken his passion to the next level by naming his three children after popular camera brands and designing his family’s home to look like a giant camera.

Ravi Hongal, who lives in Belgaum, India, invested around $94,000 to build his Insta-worthy home, according to Caters Clips.


The exterior of Hongal’s house features several key components of a real camera, including a Nikon body, a 35mm (millimeter) lens with a hood, a Canon flashgun, a viewfinder and a Sony SD card to complete the set.

Screenshot via Caters Clips

The 49 year-old-photographer even went far as to name his sons Canon, Nikon and Epson. The latter name came as a surprise, considering that Epson’s main focus now is printers, AsiaOne reported.

Hongal also reportedly designed the interior walls and ceilings to imitate the interior of a camera.

Feature Image Screenshot via Caters Clips

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