Indian ‘Mystic’ Sells Pens Guaranteed to Help You Ace Exams or Your Money Back

Indian ‘Mystic’ Sells Pens Guaranteed to Help You Ace Exams or Your Money BackIndian ‘Mystic’ Sells Pens Guaranteed to Help You Ace Exams or Your Money Back
Ryan General
March 14, 2017
Like in most Asian countries, acing an exam is a must for most students in India.
Those who do not want to be grounded, scolded or disowned would spend hours reviewing for an upcoming test, days or even weeks before, in an effort to have the highest mark attainable.
But what if one can aid such preparation with a supernatural tool straight from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?
A temple in the Indian state of Gujarat is selling a magical pen imbued with the powers similar to the self-correcting quills in the Harry Potter lore.
For INR 1,900 ($29), one can purchase a “magical pen” that enables any student to pass their examinations. Best of all, it comes with a “money-back” guarantee!
The news of the pen with special properties emerged after some fliers of Panchmahal district’s Kashthabhanjan temple began circulating within the region, IBT reports.
In the printed ad, a temple devotee of Lord Hanuman named Dushyant Bapuji claims he had gained divine powers by “worshipping the monkey god and Goddess Saraswati.” The goddess is the Hindu deity of learning and the arts.
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According to him, the pens have been blessed with the stated divinity, making them a must have companions in difficult exams.
The arrival of the pens from the heavens suspiciously arrives just before the upcoming secondary and higher secondary (Class 10 and Class 12) examinations. Those who need some mystical help from the gods just to pass school tests simply need to provide proof that they are indeed scheduled to have an examination. Interested parties must furnish a copy of the exam hall ticket, the student’s identification card and other essential documents to avail the pen.
The “mystic” who gave the pens their powers is even offering to refund the entire cost of the magical pen if not effective.
“If your student does not pass his examinations even after using our pen set, then we will return the entire amount,” the flier stated.
Does the mystic also know some spells to make himself vanish? Students may soon find that out after the exams.
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