Indian Man Tries to Smuggle Over 4 Pounds of Gold Inside His Butt

India is known to be one of the biggest consumers of gold in the world, and with the growing demand, people have found new and disgusting ways to smuggle the precious metal to the country.

The Times of India reported the case of a man who tried to smuggle gold nuggets from Singapore to Hyderabad, India. However, his plan was quickly busted after authorities at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport found out about his “dirty” deed.

When the man went through the airport’s metal detector, officials discovered that he had gold bars hiding up his rectum. AsiaOne reported that the man had 12 gold nuggets in his rectum and 8 that he hid in his suitcase.

The 20 gold nuggets, which weigh 100 grams each, are reportedly worth around $88,000 in total. At the moment, the 36-year-old suspect, who is allegedly from Tamil Nadu, is detained at the airport for questioning.

Indian intelligence agency, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, said that smugglers who bring gold pieces by hiding it in their rectums are considered “experts.”

“That’s because not anyone can move with ease when gold pieces are in the rear. We often spot the discomfort of some during passenger profiling and nab them. Gold concealed in their body is detected by door frame metal detectors or if needed body scans,” said an officer from DRI.

Gold smuggling in India is on a rise and mules are used throughout countries like the U.A.E., Sri Lanka, and Singapore to get lower priced gold.

Image via Flickr / James St. John (CC BY 2.0)

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