India’s First Elephant Hospital Opens And People Are In Love With It

India’s First Elephant Hospital Opens And People Are In Love With It
Ryan General
November 26, 2018
India recently opened its first dedicated hospital for elephants and animal lovers are loving it.
The facility, which covers an area of over 12,000 square feet, was built in the town of Mathura, Reuters reports.
Wildlife SOS, which runs the animal conservation and care center nearby, is also behind the hospital. The elephant conservation currently houses 22 elephants.
“I think by building a hospital we are underlining the fact that elephants need welfare measures as much as any other animal,” Wildlife SOS co-founder Geeta Seshamani was quoted as saying.
“Those captive elephants are not meant to be used and abused but instead have to be given the respect which an animal needs if you are going to be using the animal.”
Designed to treat injured, sick or geriatric elephants, the hospital comes equipped with all the necessary amenities such as wireless digital X-Ray, thermal imaging, ultrasonography, tranquilization devices and quarantine facilities.
Since its inauguration on November 16, the elephant hospital has been attracting local and foreign tourists who were checking out the facility and the elephants checked in.
Animal activists and other netizens took to social media to express excitement over the creation of the facility.
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Featured Image via YouTube / MEA India File
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