Indian Education Minister Sparks Massive Outrage After Humiliating Female Teacher for Being Great at Math

Education Minister Arvind Pandey of the Uttarakhand state in India caused massive outrage after a video of him humiliating a teacher working at Dehradun’s Mahila Inter College during his surprise visit went viral.

The video, which was recorded during the education minister’s surprise visit to government schools earlier this month, showed Pandey asking the teacher at the junior college some “basic” questions about math and chemistry. The woman was teaching science at the time of the surprise visit, Topyaps reported.

He asked the teacher for the answer when two negatives are added in chemistry, to which she answered negative. Pandey then continued to press the teacher by asking her the same equation only this time in mathematics. He even got up to write everything on the chalkboard, but again, the teacher answered the problem correctly.

Pandey then proceeded to state that the answer to the equation in chemistry is negative, but ruled “minus plus minus is plus” in mathematics.

He went on to humiliate the teacher further by asking her to name the “fourth chapter” of the textbook that she was using, according to Indian Express.

The education minister’s terrible attitude towards the teacher caused severe backlash from other government teachers in the area.

On Thursday, the associations of government teachers from different towns in Uttarakhand joined up in protest and demanded an apology from Pandey.

The way he spoke… it was an insult to the entire teaching community,” one of the teacher who attended the protest told NDTV.

Later that same day, the education minister issued a post on Facebook saying that his intentions were good despite the negative responses he received for his methods.

Featured Image via YouTube / Live Hindustan

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