If This ‘Indian Dad Critique’ During Woman’s TikTok Performance Doesn’t Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

If This ‘Indian Dad Critique’ During Woman’s TikTok Performance Doesn’t Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

July 17, 2020
A singer-songwriter with a growing social media following has recently gone viral thanks to her “father’s” witty quips during a video of herself singing.
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Viral dad: Sheena Melwani has been performing both original and cover songs online for a while now and went viral after she decided to post videos including her “dad’s” commentary.
  • On July 4, a social media influencer shared one of Sheena’s videos in which a man, believed to be her husband taking on the persona of her dad, was mocking the songs off-screen.
  •  While singing Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song’ Sheena’s “dad” interjects, saying, “What’s new?” after she started off with “Today I don’t feel like doin’ anything.”
  • Her “dad” continues roasting her throughout: “You didn’t even wear pants today! I’m paying $62 every month for your patloons to hang on the Pelotoon bike!”
  • “Sing song lazy girl!” he says as she tries to continue singing. “Tell me. Tell all your friends how lazy you are.” 
  • The clip ends with Sheena giving in to her laughter and unable to finish the song,
  • On Twitter, the video has so far generated over 1.4 million views as of this writing.
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More dad antics: That particular video may have turned the Indian Canadian dad into an internet sensation overnight but on her TikTok page are tons of other videos of her dad hilariously trolling her songs.
  • In some of the clips, the dad just full-on criticizes the lyrics of the song as Sheena sang.
  • For him, Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” is “complete nonsense.”
  • “Playing piano, with bleeding hands?!” the father quips. “Hey! This is getting serious. These are not good examples of love. Cannot love a bleeding, train-person, stuck on the front. This is all, this is all fiction.”
  • When she got to the line “take a bullet straight through my brain,” her dad delivers this gem: “What, what bullet? Tell me about your bullets. Magic Bullet: drink a smoothie, go to sleep!”
  • In one recent video, Sheena attempts to prank her dad with an automated prison call, using a digital assistant’s voice claiming to be a “collect call from Boston County jail.”
  • The prank did not go as planned with her dad immediately realizing it’s a prank and playing along with a witty retort. 
  • While Sheena’s “dad” is never seen on camera, it is speculated that the man off-camera is her husband. He has his own TikTok page using the handle @therealindiandad where he dishes out more hilarious stuff.
  • One of his videos features dad jokes and puns with Sheena and the kids.
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