Indian Company Sends 6,000 Tea Bags To Donald Trump To “Purify” His Mind, Make Him Smarter

A tea company from India sent a huge package for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump containing 6,000 bags of green tea in an attempt to “cleanse” his soul.
The massive marketing campaign created by Kolkata-based Te-A-Me came with a witty video message addressed to Trump.
“Donald Trump has the whole world worried. Mexicans, Muslims, Jews, blacks, women, immigrants, gays, Democrats, even Republicans… We can’t stop him, but maybe we can change him,” the video said.
The video then went on to explain the “gift” and why the company thinks it will be good for him:
“Dear Mr. Trump, namaste from India, we are sending you lots and lots of natural green tea. It fights against harmful free radicals. It helps purify mind and body and regain a healthy balance. It is also proven to make people smarter. Please, Mr Trump, drink the tea. For your sake, for America’s sake, for the world’s sake,” it said.
With enough bags to last for four years, Te-A-Me Managing Director, Sumit Shah believes Trump will greatly benefit from the gift.
“We believe that green tea with all its goodness can help Mr. Trump and in turn benefit his country and the world at large,” Mr. Shah said. She also added that they would be happy to provide more if necessary.
The campaign also included a Twitter campaign that called for the public to convince Trump to drink the tea. “If you think Donald Trump needs to cleanse himself, add your voice using #TeaForTrump,” said the video description.
The Trump Campaign so far has yet to comment or respond to the generous “gift.”
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